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Hey! Welcome to Hannah_Dru. It is a fansite/fanlisting on Juliet Landau my favourite actress. Please take a look around, I hope you enjoy the site, any feedback is welcome.
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\par To the very kind lady at C10 who took this site's address, or Juliet's management if you get to read this: Thank you so much for taking time to look at this site. I really appreciate it and I hope you could help me in making this site official or in some ways connected if possible.
\par \par All aspects of this site are \'a9 to Hannah_Dru (yes that includes images). Do NOT take without my permission!
\par Updates
\par 16/10/06 I have no idea what has happened to the old tagboard. I put a new one on the main page but it doesn't appear to be showing. So I'll leave it for now. Pics coming when I'm not so busy. Sorry!
\par 07/10/06 Added in 7 new images and 2 new avatars.
\par 02/10/06 Added in 3 Collectormania 10 convention images and my fan report. I will be adding in some old convention images shortly.
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